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Are You?

  • Feeling lonely, hopeless, neglected

  • Feeling unsatisfied and misunderstood

  • Feeling stuck and frustrated at your attempt to work through problems with no resolution

  • Losing trust in the relationship or has trust been broken

  • Worrying about the lack of healthy communication in the relationship

Couples Disconnected

Relationships are complex and couples therapy is an investment in time, emotional energy, and hard work.


Here are a few goals of couples therapy:  

  • Be seen, heard, and understood by your partner  

  • Build or repair trust in the relationship

  • Build greater closeness and intimacy

  • Increase understanding of yourself and your partner

  • Become a better listener and communicator

  • Learn and practice new ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling

  • Disrupt the hurtful patterns that may have developed over time


If you are struggling with difficult challenges or simply want to see your relationship improve and are interested in Couples Therapy, please feel free to contact us.  Call (734) 985-0417 to schedule an appointment. 

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