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Grief and Loss

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Grief and Loss

Grief & Loss


What is Grief?


Grief is a normal response to a loss, other traumatic events, or disaster.  Grief can happen in response to death of a loved one, relationship, pet, or changes to normal routines.  The more significant the loss, the more intense grief may be.  Grief is expressed in many ways and can affect your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physical health and your sense of self and relationships.


Grief has no set pattern, and we can all experiences grief differently. Some people may grieve for weeks and months, while others may describe their grief lasting for years. Through the process of grief, however, you begin to create new experiences and habits that work around your loss.

Grief and loneliness

Here are some areas that are affected by grief and loss:


Emotional – Sadness is possible the most noticeable emotion associated with loss along with tearful outburst, anger, guilt, hopelessness, shock, anxiety, despair, and numbness.  When grieving one may transition between different emotions rapidly or fluidly.


Cognitive - As we try to cope, we may have difficulties in our inability to concentrate, losing train of thought, forgetfulness, or absentmindedness


Physical – Heightened emotions can also create different physical reactions, such as, tightness in throat, heaviness in chest, nauseous, inability to eat, lack of energy and changes in eating or sleeping patterns


Spiritually – Loss can cause us to want answers to the question to why this is happening to me, them and/or why now? 

If you are struggling with grief and loss and want to get support as you work through these difficult challenges, please feel free to contact us. Call (734) 985-0417 or click the link above to schedule an appointment.

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