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Trauma & PTSD Counseling

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Trauma is the response to distressing or disturbing events that overwhelms one's ability to cope.  Trauma events tend to be sudden, unpredictable, involves a serious threat to life, like bodily injury or death.  

Are You?

  • Feeling exhausted and confused?

  • Experiencing an increase in anxiety and/or agitation?

  • Feeling numb and dissociated?

  • Having nightmares, flashbacks, or sleep problems?

  • Avoiding people or withdrawing from social connections?

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Trauma can be exhausting and confusing but here are some ways that therapy can help:


  • Therapy can help you understand, process and cope with trauma

  • It helps in understanding the effects it can have on your brain, emotions, and relationships

  • Become more aware of your feelings and how to challenge thoughts

  • Build resilience and new coping skills

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